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Verdi- Otello, Act Four: "Ave Maria"   (1:36)

Chorus Pro Musica and the Concert Opera Boston

Flash (188K)
MP3 (375K)

Berg- Sieben frühe Lieder (1907): Die Nachtigall  (1:50)

Gilbert Kalish, piano

Flash (215K)
MP3 (350K)

Prelude to Spring Concert - Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA USA
Arne- When Daisies Pled   (2:53)

Julian Milkis, clarinet;  Patrick Yacomo, piano

Flash (350K)
MP3 (675K)

from Ferrante & Ness's CD: Christmas in Worcester
Reger- Mariä Wiegenlied (The Virgin's Slumbersong) Op. 76 No 52

Marjorie Ness, organ

MP3 (390K)